Monday, April 30, 2007

Alabama Takes NY Metro, 2-0

That's right folks, NJ/NY is no match for two girls from Alabama. Actually, I'm no match for two girls from Alabama. In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, my friend Amber who currently lives in the Seattle area flew into town last Wednesday. Her plane got in after midnight and we stayed up until about 4am catching up on things and fell asleep trading stories and bits of gossip. Amber is such a trooper, because she was running a fever on her flight here, but somehow NJ made her feel better and she showed no signs of slowing down when she was here. On Thursday night, we drove to Poughkeepsie, NY, to Vassar to see the divine Mr. Kevin Devine play. There are no signs for the college, so we had to stop and ask for directions 3 times before finally making it to campus where we had to ask for directions 3 more times. But anyway, we made it just in time for Amber to say hello to Kevin ('cause my friends know rock stars) and catch his set. We were both glad to be late because we didn't have to watch anyone else.

People, he's pretty amazing. Kevin Devine that is. It may have been because I was sleep deprived, but he made me tear up a few times. He was doing an acoustic thing that night and I was terribly impressed. Every physical and musical move he made thoughout the performance enhanced the meaning of what he was trying to do. Seriously, flawless. And he openly bashes Bush. And he mentions Auburn, Alabama, in a song. And he's way cute (find him on myspace). Perfection.

Additionally, he was staying in Staten Island that night and let us follow him back to the NJ Turnpike (did I mention we got lost a bunch on the way there?). It was raining too and I'm not sure we would have made it back without our personal guide. He's such a nice guy and he has my lifelong dedication.

Friday night Amber and I stayed around Madison and just met some people at Herbie's for drinks. It was fun and we proved that 2 girls from Alabama are definately better than one. And we had to rest up for Saturday when we attended Hannah's (one of the girls I babysit) first communion. Amber went with me for moral support because neither of us had ever been to a Catholic church before, but things were totally cool with the many non-Catholics there. Afterward, we went to brunch at Hannah's house, and it was totally charming as usual. Amber was a little hesitant until she saw the champagne and realized it was "that" kind of party. We left there kind of early to rest up for the night's salsa extravaganza.

We rounded up Sarah and my friend Scott (who's also known as "5th Avenue" because of his swanky address) and headed to the Copacabana after having drinks at the Rainbow Room. Both were fairly fabulous, and I'm so glad Amber wanted to show off her salsa lessons at a club. Sarah and I resolved that we have to take lessons so we can have more fun next time. Sarah danced the most out of all of us with two long-term dance partners for the evening. Me, oh I just attract the crazies. Some guy named Sidney grabbed my had as I was walking by and told me I was "so beautiful." He wanted to dance later--I agreed but never followed through--and said I could put drinks on his open tab if I wanted--didn't follow through with that either. Besides Sidney, there was this guy, Ali, who took me for a very fun dance and then came back to the table to "read my soul" as we've been calling it. First he said that he needed to tell me something, then sat down, then a few minutes later finally told me that I needed more money before I had the authority to take whatever I wanted from life. Weird. The crazies just dig me...I wonder if it's the hair or something.

We finally dragged ourselves out of the club at about 4am and headed back to the Path station to Hoboken where we were parked and then finally home. At about 5:30. It was fun and Amber was a pro at salsa dancing, but we kind of suffered for it the next day. That didn't keep up from hitting Sephora though and playing with makeup for an hour. It was so fantastic having Amber here. We got along in high school, but never really hung out that much, but interestingly, we get along great. We decided that it was just tough to beat knowing someone since nursery school. I had so much fun trading stories, trading horror stories, and giggling. It was good to realize that I don't just have friends, I have good friends.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Major Life Change" as Opposed to My Usual "Minor Life Crisis"

So I'm terrible for not writing for so long. I know, I know. That's assuming that there are people reading though. Anyways, it's been a rough, busy few months for me as I'm scrambling again to get my thesis done. And things are not going well. I don't feel comfortable talking about it here, but let's just say that things aren't on schedule, and it's making me really stressed out.

As a result of the thesis craziness and of my extreme homesickness since I visited Alabama for Spring Break, I've decided that it's time for me to return to Alabama. That's right folks, I'm moving home. I'm finished with coursework here and have the freedom to move around a bit, so I'm relocating. I'm living at home with my parents for the summer and looking for a job somewhere (hopefully) in a Southern city. It was a tough decision, but I'm very happy with my choice. It seems like a good time to be home with my sister getting married in June, my father having shoulder surgery, and my mom's birthday this summer. These are all great excuses which I will repeat over and over again, but mostly I'm just ready to be near my family again and for my life to be a little easier.

Hopefully, I will get my thesis ready, pass my defense, and graduate in May. This would be good so I could get a job and feel like I was making educational progress, but I'm headed back to Bama regardless. As for the PhD program, I'm taking a year off to give myself some time and distance so I can make a better judgment on whether I want to continue or not. I'm not sure I'm ready to invest several more years and a lot more money into a PhD program yet, but I am maintaining matriculation at Drew, so if I do decide to stay, there will be little complication. Thanks to everyone who's been supportive to me since I've been here, and thanks for all the fun was a difficult decision, but I kind of feel done with New Jersey. At least for now. But you all know me; that may change too.