Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Ok, so when I said I was graduating earlier, that was just speculation. I mean, I passed my defense and all, but I still had to make revisions. But...I just found out my final draft was passed! Definately graduating. And a good thing too because I just bought a graduation dress. And I get to wear the cool Master's degree graduation garb. This is all terribly exciting.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tell the Good News!

Hey Peeps. This afternoon at about 3pm, I totally passed my thesis defense!!!!! It was tough, and my readers really drilled me on questions, but I made it. It was a positive experience, and I actually enjoyed talking about my paper despite the difficulties. I have some revisions to make before the final copy, but this means I'll graduate in a few weeks. I'm very, very proud of myself right now, especially since some of my friends that attended said this defense was harder than other ones they've attended. I'm so relieved, but I'll be more relieved after tomorrow when I turn in another paper for one of my classes. Thanks for all your well-wishes!