Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh. About that Half Marathon

I'm really doing it this time! February 1st, baby! Wooooooo... (see how I have to work myself up for it?). Training is going well. I'm getting to that stage where I feel like I could just run all day which is a nice change from thinking I couldn't make it to the end of the block. I slacked off for a week and a half and my calves are paying for it now, but overall, the running is good.

I've already gone 8 miles this week + the 5 more I have to do today. Looks like those will be in the gym as opposed to the stupid coldy snow/sleet/rain stuff that's falling outside. I promise to post some super-hardbody pics of me whenever that happens, i.e. never.

Winter Activities and Events

Apocalypse Alert: At about 8am this morning, SNOW began to fall in New Orleans. Even though snow is commonly associated with winter, my granny would most likely attribute this to the End Times. Her first reason would probably be that it doesn't usually snow in the deep south; therefore, it's a sign of unseasonable weather=Jesus is coming back soon. Another might be that the snow is contradictory to the global warming phenomenon that most of "them uppity science people" claim is happening. That means the snow is double-unseasonable (going against God and science)=End of Days.

(I should explain here that my granny really doesn't talk like that. She's a very sweet woman, and I love her dearly. However, she consistently brought up the end of the world when I was little and made me terrified that I wouldn't live past 10. I used to pray very earnestly and ask God not to end the world so I could go to college. I've never really forgiven her for that.)

I'm coping with the snow by wearing a fluffy pink robe and snuggling anything within reach. Other than that I'm trying to use up all the peanuts I got last month while in Alabama for the Peanut Festival. They make delicious peanut brittle...