Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Been A While

Ok, ok. So I've abandoned the blog for about a year. Here's the rundown (though all of you know this because you know me):
-Still work at Loyola and love it; Taught my first upper-level majors class on Faulkner last spring
-Joined the Big Easy Rollergirls in February and now I'm obsessed with all things derby
-I tore my PCL doing said rollerderby
-Got Penelope and Jonesy trimmed for the summer
-Dale and I are going to the Panama City Beach TOMORROW and then San Antonio later this summer

Also, Dale and I are (finally) writing a screenplay together this summer. We've been talking about it for years. It's my job to get all the ideas together in a tentative scene-by-scene sort of way before we start the writing. Characters happened yesterday. Scenes and plot points today.

Wish us luck. I suppose it's time to light the "Spirit of Writing" candle we got from the voodoo shop...

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